Hello! My name is Chris.
A portrait photographer for thirty years, I love photographing people. Faces and eyes reveals so much of a person and I enjoy capturing the spirit of who they are as individuals. 
However, I have decided to work on urban and landscape photography. Changing focus could be difficult and I look forward to the challenges. I don’t use just one photography technique and I like to explore those techniques using different cameras and formats. I’ll switch between expensive cameras, cheap cameras, digital, film (35mm & 120 mm) and try to maintain a certain aesthetic.  
Gear includes: Canon T6 EOS Rebel DSLR, Canon Powershot 35mm, Canon ED 110, Pentax K1000 35mm, Holga 120, Diana 110, Polaroid One Step, Fuji Instax and an iPhone. 
You can reach me via email: hello AT chris denbow .com
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