Photography Is Meant To Be Fun

The best part of phonetography is the convenience. An iPhone is lightweight, easy to use and you’re most likely to have it with you wherever you go. Take it out and shoot with it whenever the mood strikes. You don’t need to worry if you forgot to bring a card drive, aperture settings, or anything else. Just shoot from the hip and adjust on the go. Photography rules go bye-bye. 

Joshua Tree National Park shot with Tic Tac 4 film and McMinville lens

The more you photograph, the more you train your eyes to see composition, lighting, what’s worthy or what is not. Everyday objects now become interesting where in the past, you’d walk by without noticing. Once your photographic eye and brain are turned on, it is hard to turn off. Do you want this photo? Then yes, take that photo.

Hipstamatic Pisty film

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